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GAL Productions is an entertainment, arts, and media production company producing and presenting experiences that bring people together, define brand identities, share educational, empowering messaging, and develop compelling narratives by combining industry expertise, innovative marketing concepts, and passionate drive.

We create essentials to cultivate and connect the world to your every vision and truth through video production, live entertainment, broadcast media, and more. 

We are your resource for endless ideas and unconventional perspective.  Our process offers the building blocks and necessary elements for creating memorable and engaging entertainment that progresses you to the BIG PICTURE.

Evolving Entertainment, Media & Arts Production  

GAL PRODUCTIONS can develop the following for your next venture: 

  • Website Design & Assessment

  • Brand Design, Strategy, & Development

  • Talent Management 

  • Press Materials

  • Email Templates

  • Sponsorship Materials

  • Copywriting

  • Social Marketing Management

  • Live Event or Video Production

  • Photo Styling

  • Promotional Materials


...and more! 

AND, all materials will be developed under collaborate brainstorming sessions.

Recent Projects coming soon!

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