...the go-to, imaginative resource in entertainment, business and media, seamlessly crossing disciplines with a proven record of growth, success and influence in her profession and community!

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Daniela is a high-energy powerhouse. Her ambition is endless and her extensive resume is proof of that with areas of expertise in the entertainment industry, entrepreneurship, health & fitness and media production. Daniela is not only a go-getter with remarkable drive, passion and discipline 

towards her endeavors but also offers encouragement and empathy towards others in theirs.

Parallel to her optimistic attitude, you'll catch her smiling...a lot.

Her career is a reflection of who she is and what she loves to do -- entertain, create, and encourage others to follow their passions.   She has a genuine enthusiasm for supporting people and sharing their stories and ideas.  Outside of her career, spending time with family & friends is a priority in her busy schedule.  She loves to workout, experiment with new recipes, attend women empowerment and motivational conferences and meet 1:1 with new friends.


Daniela is lovable, charming and irresistible to watch.

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In 2018, Daniela became the QVC backup host for Lori Greiner (Shark Tank, Clever & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner).  She is a professionally-trained media personality working on national and digital networks hosting interviews, reporting, representing brands and producing.  She received her start on My New Philly as host & co-host for CityBuzz and has been featured as a Lifestyle Expert on WMCN-TV, Healthy Lifestyle with Eraldo.  She's trained with top names in broadcasting in New York and Philadelphia, such as Barbara Abel, Mark Costello, Patricia Stark and Janine Furillo.

Daniela is the creator, host, and producer of Around The Table, a digitally streamed lifestyle talk show with interviews and how-tos to promote brands and influencers. You can also watch Daniela in action on her YouTube Channels like Conference Crashers, a dual premise vision she began in 2016, which provides an inside look at conferences through live interviews with speakers & attendees while also providing promos and on-camera training for interviewees. Follow her on YouTube and Social Media for more digital series and videos on IGTV where she offers business strategies for entrepreneurs and a look into her how-tos for everything preparation, organization, and convenience solutions in her day-to-day life.


A multitalented performing artist.


As a lifelong performer, Daniela is a multi-talented entertainment artist with a background in dancing, singing, television and improvisation.  She draws upon over 25 years of professional dance training, countless live performances and choreographic works, and attended University of the Arts in Philadelphia concentrating on performance, production and education in arts & entertainment media.  In the Philadelphia community, she has performed with local companies & performed in stadiums as a former dance team member of the Major Indoor Soccer League. Her choreography has been presented in FringeArts festivals and at the Smithsonian Museum

She has over 15 years experience coaching, choreographing & producing end-to-end live productions and teaching 1:1 to large group classes & workshops.  Through entertainment, she helps the audience discover imagination & enlightment by researching and applying every angle of thought & feeling into her work.  Previous work includes Turning Point, a fundraiser performance honoring 5 breast cancer survivors & their journey, and Humanimals at Play, a family-friendly outdoor theater & dance performance raising awareness & funds for donation-based playgrounds.

Daniela's talent and love for entertaining does not stop there as she moves towards goals of acting and singing.  In 2019, she released her first single, This Is My Time, with DeCastro Music Group and One99 Label, as vocalist, co-producer and lyricist.


For over 10 years, Daniela has launched, owned and managed her own businesses in the entertainment, health & fitness, retail, service industries and social entrepreneurship. 

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At 18, Daniela began marketing herself in the dance and fitness industry heading classes, workshops & "healthinars." At 21, she co-founded an entertainment company, Blind Faith Company, producing sold out live events & performances throughout Philadelphia.  At 24, she built a six-figure Pilates center, Trullo Pilates, in Northern Liberties, one of the trendiest Philadelphia neighborhoods.  She has studied closely with business mentors & established entrepreneurs mastering business approach and worked alongside CEOs strategizing progressive marketing development and customer experience.

Whether you are a solopreneur who wants to turn your hobby or passion into a start up business, an influencer building a portfolio and networking, an established business looking to better connect with their audience through media or boost sales, Daniela gets down to business by personally helping entrepreneurs, self-starters, and artists through coaching and mentoring individuals on building and rebuilding a strong foundation within business development, marketing strategy, media training & production and administration. Through her creative media agency and production company, byVesta Agency, she customizes her approach with creative solutions through business and marketing expertise for your professional development, intuitiveness, and empowerment approaches to guide clients in following through with implementing ideas.  She loves to share her entrepreneurial spirit and expertise for others to aspire and build on their ideas, passions, purpose and talents. 


Daniela provides many outlets to promote and highlight inspiring individuals, entrepreneurs & businesses, especially through on-camera media training and public presentation training.  In 2019, she launched, produced, and hosted a digital lifestyle show, Around the Table, featuring guests through interviews and how-tos to promote their expertise and created with the intention of providing resources for viewers to gather with others and spend time together who share in their passions.


Daniela's purpose in life is to help others.

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In 2016, she began a costume drive now called Dress Up the House, which benefit the families of the Ronald McDonald House Charities by collecting new Halloween costumes and accessories.  In addition to costumes, DUTH also collects wish list items for the Houses and volunteers through activities and performances.


In support of the arts in her local community, she started the Alumnae Dance Program at Anna Marie's Academy of Dance, her childhood dance school, providing professional performance opportunities and dance training to graduates of the school.

Her efforts do not stop there as she plans on developing many initiatives to help those in need.  


A natural born strategist, Daniela is influential in finding alternative solutions through her inspiration, initiatives and tips.

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Daniela is a Fitness and Movement Expert specialized in Dance, Pilates and Body Mechanics.  She has been passionate about holistic wellness & self-help methods from a young age. For over 15 years, her coaching has brought individuals back to life and helped find new inspiration.  With over a decade of cross-training expertise and extensive Pilates training through renowned organization, True Pilates NY (formerly Romana's Pilates), she continues to train in the newest fitness trends.  She has worked with all ages & levels including professional NFL athlete, Devon Still, and at higher level institutions, such as University of the Arts.  Daniela is also trained in Emotional Empowerment from the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment and passionate about mental health advocacy.

In 2019, Daniela launched Still Standing Together, an empowerment organization aimed to provide an open and supportive community for women through support group and workshops, motivational and educational podcast, self-empowerment apparel and positive online community.  With many missions behind the organization, most importantly, it aims to raise awareness about mental health therapies, solutions, and resources. 

Her years of coaching and artistry has developed her to be a motivational leader in self-improvement and creativity helping others grow personally and professionally. She loves participating as a motivational speaker, guest panelist or workshop host and has done so at colleges like University of the Arts and Temple University, as well as through women's empowerment and leadership organizations. Her mission is to bring people together and help make connections within themselves and with others.  

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It is my passion and responsibility to:

... lead people to their answers.

... to help them live their passions everyday.

... to help them express fears and progress past them.

... to be a listening ear in figuring out what's best for               

    them and their vision.

... to strategize and advise opportunities to grow.

... to set them up to succeed.

... guide others to grow far more than anything they     

    could imagine.



  • Build Confidence

  • Overcome Self-Doubt

  • Comfortable Communication

  • Accountability

  • Access to Personal Network

  • Objective Feedback

  • Increase Goal Achievement

  • Increased Productivity

  • Dedicated Time & Motivation

  • Strategies & Techniques to Reach Goals Faster

  • Ongoing Encouragement & Guided Support

  • Personal Growth

  • Third-Party Perspective

  • Deeper Understanding of Needs and Work Style

  • Someone to Bounce Ideas & Brainstorm

  • Break down the Big Picture into Smaller Actionable Steps

  • Clarity About What You Want

  • Idea Development - Concept to Execution

  • Content Creation

  • Creative Solution Strategy

  • Problem-Solving Tactics

  • Media Marketing

  • Media Production

  • Media Coaching

  • Talent Development

  • Event Coordination

  • Website & Writing Evaluations

  • Cohesive Brand Messaging & Design

  • Image Deveopment

  • Marketing Strategies for Increased Engagement 

  • Public Speaking Development

  • On-Camera Technique

  • Business Development & Planning

  • Efficient Operations Planning

  • Positive Mindset Training